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The Dodo is SHHS’s eco newsletter which celebrates environmental progress, highlighting ways in which individuals can empower themselves to make more sustainable consumer choices. It’s filled with eco news and current events, vegan recipes, and other fun ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

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The featured articles for this month are:


The Rent Phenomenon – Penelope


The exciting rise of the fashion rental industry and its possibilities. (first published Nov 2021)

Sustainable Swaps

The Eco-committees' top sustainable website & product recommendations.

Vegan Banana Bread – by Alice

A classic lockdown staple, reimagined. We recommend a lot of chocolate chips for true decadence!

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Contact Eden (Deputy Head of Environment) with any submissions for the next issue of the Dodo.

Talk to your form's Eco Rep about any ideas you have for making SHHS a greener school!