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Hello from JUICE radio, our school radio show where we discuss different themes every week, ranging from pride to poems, from food, to fashion!


We have fun segments every month, and most importantly we always have a good time. Tune into our latest episodes for music, madness, and a ton of good memories!

Image by Alexey Ruban


All of the episodes can be found on Teams. Unfortunately, due to the large file size, we are unable to upload them all here, but we've chosen some of our favourites to whet your appetite.​

  • Season 3 Episode 1 - SAGE ADVICE

  • Season 3 Episode 2 - DIVERSITY DISCUSSIONS


  • Season 3 Episode 3 - SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS

  • Season 3 Episode 4 - CULTURE WEEK SPECIAL

S3 ep1 (2021-22)Juice Radio
00:00 / 17:00
S3 ep2 (2021-22)Juice Radio
00:00 / 09:22
S3 ep3 (2021-22)Juice Radio
00:00 / 13:17
S3 ep4 (2021-22)Juice Radio
00:00 / 19:06
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