Our top suggestions


In lockdown, it’s become easier than ever to order everything off of Amazon, from books to clothes. However, this isn’t the most sustainable choice, with Amazon generating more than 211 million kilograms of plastic waste in 2019. Here are some alternative (online) shops that everyone can use:


1. Switch to a Bamboo toothbrush/electric head

Plastic toothbrushes add to 50 million pounds of plastic waste every year. Bamboo alternatives are much more eco-friendly and are cheaper than you think.

2. Buy second hand books from online websites

This website offers all the books Waterstones and Amazon do, but lowers carbon emissions and stops landfills piling up with books. It also sells them at cheaper prices and sometimes has brand new books with discounted offers and reduced plastic packaging.


3. Buy upcycled or vintage clothes

These shops allow you to buy trendy clothes without contributing to the fast fashion industry. The websites are also reasonably priced with the amount of variety they offer.


4. For basic everyday shopping needs

This website offers affordably priced groceries that you would find in any supermarket, but are sustainably and ethically sourced. You can find anything from wheat free pasta to recycled umbrellas.