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Charity of the month - Women's Aid

'Women's Aid' is a federation working to provide services in England for people struggling with domestic abuse. Their goal is to end domestic abuse via education, awareness and support. One way they spread awareness about issues women face is their list of “10 ways to help end violence against women and girls”. They also protest, fundraise and campaign to ensure people understand the issues women and girls deal with.

With the current cost of living crisis many people are struggling to leave abusive relationships due to the fear of financial instability, ‘Women’s Aid‘ is working to support people in this difficult time. They provide women with a forum where they can communicate with other survivors, they read any emails they receive within 5 working days and they have an instant messaging service for people who need help.

In order to help ‘Women’s Aid’ achieve their goals you can make a donation, support your local service and learn more about the issues the charity is fighting.

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