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Charity of the month

This edition’s charity of the month is Bloody Good Period! Campaigning for “fair treatment for people who bleed”, Bloody Good Period want to educate the public about sexual and reproductive health as well as fighting to eradicate the stigma around menstruation. They have over 100 partners across England and Wales, including organisations supporting refugees, charities for the homeless, food banks, and more. Bloody Good Period are campaigning for so much, including the very prominent issue of “period poverty”.

In the current world many people cannot afford to buy period products, so for 5 years Bloody Good Period has donated period supplies to those who need them. The charity was set up by Gabby Edlin in 2015 when she called out for menstrual products on Facebook, and now Bloody Good Period helps many people living in poverty access period products. As the Bloody Good Period website points out, in the UK asylum seekers receive £39.63 to live on each week and pads and tampons can cost around £2.50. As well as this, Bloody Good Period run sessions and workshops to support menstruating asylum seekers and refugees, helping them to understand more about their bodies, sexual and reproductive health. This is why the charity is so crucial as period poverty and lack of menstrual education is a serious problem that needs to be fixed.

In order to help Bloody Good Period achieve their goals you can either donate money to the charity or, if you don’t have money to spare, educate yourself by looking at their website, and work to de-stigmatise menstruation because it is a natural biological thing that half the population goes through.

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