Keeping pollinators busy


Gardening tips to attract bees

We all know that bees are important as pollinators and vital to ensuring plants reproduce. Although other species of insects also contribute to pollination, 80% of pollination is performed by bees. This makes them a vital part of food production and biodiversity, but their populations are rapidly declining due to increasing urbanisation and climate change, placing them at risk of extinction.

How can we go about protecting bee species?

Here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Plant a range of flowering plants – consider wildflowers and native species too

  2. Grow organically – avoid pesticides and other harmful chemicals

  3. Consider flowering plants which are in bloom all year round

  4. Mow your lawn less frequently – enabling wildflowers to grow which gives ground-dwelling bees an increased chance of survival

  5. Create a ‘bee hotel’ – solitary bees can lay eggs in these which protects the community