South Hampstead's online media outlet

Welcome to Wingspan! This is the collaborative SHHS digital media outlet where all student 'voices' are showcased in one place. From the dynamic Penguin to the intellectual Owl, there is something here for everyone.

The Penguin:

Hi! We’re the Penguin, SHHS’s resident student magazine, dedicated to bringing you the latest news, gossip and debate. Here you’ll find a mix of the fun and thought-provoking, staff interviews and epic poetry from across the school.



The Femguin:

The Femguin is a brand-new feminist newsletter written, edited and produced entirely by students. They aim to inspire and educate on current issues and things the media won’t cover.

Street Protest
Sustainable Energy

The Dodo:

The Dodo is SHHS’s eco newsletter which celebrates environmental progress, highlighting ways in which individuals can empower themselves to make more sustainable consumer choices. It’s filled with eco news and current events, vegan recipes, and other fun ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

The Owl:

The OWL covers a range of academic and scholarly articles from students, embracing all of your niche interests and passions.


In here, you'll find essays about about subjects that students are most interested in, allowing you to educate yourself on some of their, and our, favourite topics.

Open Books
Image by Juja Han

JUICE Radio:

Hello from JUICE radio, our school radio show where we discuss different themes every week, ranging from pride to poems, from food, to fashion!


We have fun segments every week, and most importantly we always have a good time. Tune in every week for music, madness, and a ton of good memories!

Science Museum Space Exploration

The Orbital:

Hi everyone! We run the orbital, South Hampstead’s STEM magazine.


Our mission is to get more students involved in the field of science and spread the joy of learning and writing. You can find insightful articles written by talented students and beautiful STEM-related photographs.